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    Eastman Tritan? copolyester

    Making a lasting impression.

    In many markets, Eastman Tritan? copolyester has transformed how brand owners, designers, molders, and consumers think about clear plastics:

    • By redefining toughness, Tritan adds lasting value to products.
    • By providing a unique balance of clarity, chemical resistance, impact strength, and other market-specific performance advantages, Tritan helps differentiate products.
    • By providing practical processing and sustainability solutions, Tritan helps support our customers’ business viability.
    • By providing technical, regulatory, and marketing support, Eastman helps bring innovation to market.

    How can Tritan and Eastman help you make a lasting impression on your markets?

    Tritan Mold It
    Check out Tritan Mold It Tritan Mold It
    For practical processing solutions to help you take advantage of all the benefits Tritan offers.
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